Merry Birthday to Me


No, it doesn’t suck having Christmas for a birthday, but thanks for asking.  I was born on Christmas, and I love it.  On the contrary, I feel bad for people who are born on  March 23rd, or something other equally meaningless day.  If that’s your birthday, my apologies, but I’ve had so many people tell me how awful my birthday is for the last 47 years, I feel entitled to bash yours.  I think it’s cool to have an interesting birthday. In fact, it seems to run in my family.

My daughter was born April 2nd because my wife didn’t want to have an “April Fool.”  Despite the labor pains, she held firm until late into the night on the 1st before she let me take her to the hospital, just to be sure. That’s a cute story.  My son was born January 18th, 2000.  Being born in 2000 makes it easy to remember how old he is, and I as a math-challenged human, I appreciate the lack of required calculation. Whatever year it is, that’s how old he is.  For him, the fact that his birthday falls close to Martin Luther King, Jr. Day means that he’s going to have a three day birthday weekend.  Nice.  My wife’s birthday falls (almost) on the summer solstice, longest day of the year, which is cool.  Mom’s is the winter solstice – shortest day of the year – and it kinda pisses her off.  My brother is on Dia de Muertos, the Mexican holiday that translates as the Day of the Dead, which, as a metal head, seems to me like the coolest day you could be born.  My dad celebrated his birthday on King Kamehameha Day, which is a bit obscure, but since my wife is from Hawaii, it seemed like a meaningful coincidence.  If you ask me, It’s cool to be associated with a holiday.  It must be so sad to be born on nothing more exciting than National Administrative Assistant’s Day (April 27th in 2016.  It varies, as does Yom Kippur, because it’s important like that).

So for all of you doubters, let me assure you, I love being born on Christmas.  My birthday is celebrated by the entire Christian world, and the Japanese, because,while not particularly Christian, they love a good marketing opportunity. Houses are adorned with lights on the outside and tinseled trees on the inside.  It’s a festive atmosphere, most people are in a good mood, and if I squint my eyes just a bit, it’s easy to imagine it’s all for me.  If you’re birthday is August 12th, nobody is in a celebratory mood. They’re just complaining about the hot weather.

And, by the way, the answer is no: my parents didn’t give me a combination Christmas/birthday gift…because they aren’t horrible people. If other parents of Christmas birthday babies do that, for shame. It is true I didn’t have a lot of birthday parties with the kids in the neighborhood, but I don’t think my life would have been that much better if I had.

I got a birthday card from a co-worker today, which is, of course, very nice of him.  However, in his handwritten well-wishes, he noted that it must suck to be born on Christmas.  First, thanks for casting a pall on my special day. Second, the comment implies a belief that a birthday should be about focusing on the individual; celebrating you and you alone.  If you think a Christmas birthday would suck because the focus isn’t on you, wrap your head around this: after everybody has opened all their Christmas presents and are beginning to experience the post-unwrapping depression…I get more presents. How awesome is that?  Yes, I love it.  I wallow in it.

Happy My Birthday to all, and to all, a good night.

And if you want to learn more about different perspectives on Christmas birthdays, check out this link…


4 thoughts on “Merry Birthday to Me

  1. That was actually a very well written, entertaining piece, Todd. Well done! I always admire an author who can start a paragraph with the word “and”, and you pulled it off. Pulled it off just fine. Not to mention making a great cast for the pleasures of being a Christmas baby. I concur. For us people with boring birthdays, what we do is remark how we share a birthday with notable famous people. I for example, share a birthday with prince and Tom Jones, which I’m still not sure is comforting or not. I guess it is.

    Happy Birthday, good sir. Thank you also for all the time you put into your blog here, not mention always stopping by my pit to say hey. You’re appreciated my friend. Hope you got cool toys for your birthday.


  2. The best I can come up with for my birthday is National Cookie Day, which is sad, because I’m not overly fond of cookies. I mean, if it was National French Fry day or National Sushi Day, I could get behind that. My actual birthdate also saw absolutely nothing of note or interest.

    Oh, if I’d only been born on Xmas Day like Todd… Lucky bastid.

    • As I recall, you are not among those who have said tired and cliched things about my birthday. For that, I am thankful, and I hereby grant you “cool birthdate” status. As a Christmas baby, I am entitled to grant such an honor.

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